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A deserving artiste
CHENNAI, December 21: Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam is endowed with a melodious voice. And, her music is rich. She was arresting, as she made an elaborate alapana in Kalyani. She was fascinating. With her rich tonal voice, she explored the raga with beautiful sancharas. Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi on the Violin proved a perfect match with her skillful bowing. “Pankaja Lochana” of Swathi Tirunal was remarkable. Vijayalakshmi improvised on the lyrics “Vrindavananthakrtha Vividha Sukhavihara”, and combined it with absorbing swaras. Taniavarthanam between Mridangist J.Vaidyanathan and Kanjira artiste Purushottam was interesting for some lovely exchanges.

Vijayalakshmi gave a vibrant performance on the evening of December 21, 2012 for Narada Gana Sabha. Thyagaraja’s “Marubalka”(Sriranjani) was rendered with poise. In Koteeshwara Iyer’s “Mohanakara Muthukumara” (Neetimathi), she especially emphasized on the lyrics “Ma Ghana Mayil Vahana”, which was pleasing to listen. The racy “Sarasamadana Beda Danda Chatura”(Kapi Narayani) of Thyagaraja was charmingly presented before Vijayalakshmi rendered the Kalyani piece of Swathi Tirunal. She chose to render a Javali of Subbarama Iyer “Aduvum Solluval Aval Anegam Solluval” (Saurastram). Purandaradasa’s “Jagadodharana (Hindustani Kapi) was exquisite. Her diction was clear, and fell pleasantly on the ears. She also made a mark with a Bhajan “Rama Govinda Hari Bhajo re Bhaiyya” (Purya Dhanashree) and a thillana in Brindavani of Dr.Balamuralikrishna. A class artiste, justifiably deserves more.

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