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Bombay Jayashri, music & mind
CHENNAI, December 23: It was traditional and classy. It was marked by grace and grandeur. Bombay Jayashri provided a soulful experience as she gave a concert for Sri Krishna Gana Sabha on the evening of December 21, 2012.

She chose the right mixture of compositions. Her alap in Kamboji was remarkable for the way she handled this classical raga with aesthetic beauty. She brought joy to the whole exercise, as she glided from one beauty of the raga to the other. Thyagaraja’s “Ma Janaki Cetta Battaga” was glorified, as she improvised the lyrics “Raja Rajavara Rajivaksha Vinu” with consummate swaras. Tani avarthanam between mridangist V.V.Ramanamurthy and Kanjira artiste V.Anirudh Athreya was precise, and played with gusto. Shubapantuvarali alapana was brief, and spread serenity around. Her articulation of the monumental Thyagaraja’s “Ennalu Yurake” was exquisite. She internalized the beauty of the kriti, and made it enjoyable by the others around her. She chiseled intoxicating swara prayogas, and made it richer. H.N. Bhaskar on the Violin played with dedicated devotion, reflective of the mood of the main artiste.

Jayashri began the concert that evening with a Thyagaraja kriti “Vandanamu” (Sahana). “Bagayanayya” (Chandrajyothi), yet another gem of a kriti of Thyagaraja, was melodious. Shyama Sastri’s “O Jagadamba” (Anandhabhairavi) was full of divinity, as she brought the essence of the lyrics with clear diction. RTP (Ragam Tanam Pallavi) in Bagesri was tranquilizing. The Pallavi line was “Kan Kulir Azhago, Men Malar Nagai Azhago, Vandisai Padidum Kaar Kuzal Azhago!” set to Misra Jhampa tala in Kanda nadai. She was fascinating, as she shifted from Hamsanandi to Revati and Valachi. She reversed back to Bagesri in brand Bombay Jayashri style. “Aye Giridhara Dware” of Swathi Tirunal in Puriya Dhanashri and Thillana in Yamuna Kalyani were fabulous.

Well, it was music for the minds.

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