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Grace, thy name is Priyadarsini Govind
CHENNAI, December 25: She was classy and elegant. Priyadarsini Govind was at her graceful best, as she gave a dance recital for Krishna Gana Sabha on December 24, 2012. She reflected the composer’s rasanubhava with aesthetic beauty. Her eyes and dance communicated very well with the audience. The portrayal of Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu, was perfect. A sloka of Vedanta Desikan “Garuda Dandakam” was rendered by vocalist Nandini. As Priyadarsini sketched out the features, she showed up a well-chiseled Garuda. “Garuda Gamana ra ra,” a composition of Badrachala Ramadas, was rendered by the vocalist followed by jatis and nattuvangam. Priyadarsini’s portrayal of Garuda was charming. The more than two hours of the dance was quite enjoyable.

It was a soulful recital. Tirupugazh was set to rag Shanmukhapriya by the talented young dancer Adith Seshadri. The main item of the evening was the ragamalika composition of Tanjore Quartet “Sami Ninne Kori” in ragas such as Todi, Atana, Sankarabharanam, Kalyani etc. Govind was expressive, as she brought out the love of nayika for Lord Brihadishwara of Tanjavur. Nayika longs for the Lord day and night, thinking only of him. Nindasthuti of Papavinasam Mudaliar on Lord Nataraj in Kambhoji raga was captivating. This song makes fund of Nataraj. Why is he standing on one foot? So many reasons are touted up for this. What has happened to his foot? Did he make a wrong move while Brahma played cymbals? Or, did he get a sprain while rescuing his devotee Margandeya. So asks this Nindasthuthi. Priyadarsini brought the essence of this stuthi with fascinating creativity. A Javali of Patnam Subramania Iyer in Kapi raga was absorbing. It is about how the nayika is cheated by her hero. Another woman brought this to the notice of the young lady, who is deserted by her beloved in the lyrics “Vardhani Nenu Kavali”. Abhinaya for thillana (Sindhubhairavi) of Lalgudi Jayaraman was intoxicating, and nottuswaram of Dikshitar as “Vande Meenakshi” was delightful. Shikamani on violin and Balakrishna on mridangam followed the artiste with dedicated attention.

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