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Where two is one ...
Date: December 24, 2012
Venue: Sri Krishna Gana Sabha
Artistes: Iyer Brothers - Ramnath & Gopinath (Veena Duet) Madrimangalam Swaminathan Pudukottai on Mrindangam and N Ramachandran (Ghatam)

CHENNAI, December 25: Veena is an instrument, which is always very melodious and heavenly to listen to. A combination of two veenas is a much more enriching experience. The Iyer brothers – Ramnath and Gopinath , the Veena duet players, gave a mesmerizing performance for Sri Krishna Gana Sabha on the evening of December 24, 2012. They travel all the way from Melbourne, Australia, to participate in the Margazhi festival in Chennai. The talented twin brothers are disciples of Veena maestros Shri R. Pichumani and Trivandrum Shri Venkatraman . They also have founded and managed Pichumani School of Carnatic Music in Melbourne.

The concert started with a simple Sahana Varnam . They then explored the composition of Swathi Tirunaal – Deva Deva in Mayamalagowlai. The beautiful ``Smarane Sukhamu'' of Saint Thyagaraja in Janaranjani captivated the audience. This was followed by Pankajalochana Pahi in Kalyani ragam , a Swati Tirunaal piece again. The synchronization between the twin-duo was absolutely commendable, and the unique way they complemented each other in their renderings was purely a listener’s pleasure.

The next was the evergreen Dvijavanthi ragam – Chetasri Shri Balakrishnam by Muthuswamy Dikshidhar. This was followed by the very melodious Sudhamayee in Amrithavarshini Raagam. Then the duo went on to perform the Raagam and Thanam in Keeravani Ragam . The delightful Thanam, which is a special pleasure to listen on the Veena, was presented in a very complimentary fashion by the twins. The song that followed was ``Kaligi Yunde'' by Thyagarajar, which was well performed with the neraval in Charanam and Kalpana Swarams . The percussionists Madrimangalam Swaminathan Pudukottai on Mrindangam and N Ramachandran on Ghatam performed the Thani Aavartanam with equal zest.

The concert was well concluded with a pleasing Thilanna in Darbari Kannda composed by Veena Seshanna. On the whole, the evening was well spent with the divine voice of the two veenas, which echoed as one harmonious union of breathtaking music.

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