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REVIEW - Archive 2013
A wholesome concert reveals Yesudas, the humble artiste
By Sudha Jagannathan

K.J.Yesudas was at his expressive best as he gave a concert for Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha on December 17, 2013. His voice was impacting, and had a comforting effect on the listeners. He treated the audience to an array of compositions. There was variety in terms of kritis, ragas and composers. »
Lively O.S. Arun & impressive Khamas
By Sudha Jagannathan

There is never a dull moment when he gets on to the stage. He keeps the audience hooked all through. Expectedly, O.S. Arun’s concert for Narada Gana Sabha on December 20, 2013 was lively. Generally, people go to his concerts expecting more bhajans and some light classical compositions. »
Revealing class
By Sudha Jagannathan

Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam is endowed with a fabulous voice. And, she has an aesthetic outlook to music. A top-quality vocalist, Vijayalakshmi the musician deserves a lot more. Her concert for Mylapore Fine Arts Club on December 15, 2013 reiterated her rising status in the world of Carnatic music. »
Chaitrra Sairam, a diligent artiste
By Sudha Jagannathan

It was a charming recital. Her calm demeanor, clarity in diction, and focused approach gave the concert an elevation. Chaitrra Sairam is indeed a no-nonsense next generation vocalist. She went about her concert for Brahma Gana Sabha on December 16, 2013 diligently. »
When grace and elegance combine …
By Sudha Jagannathan

When he is on stage, he holds court literally. T.V. Sankaranarayanan was at his scintillating best when he gave a recital for the Mylapore Fine Arts Club on December 15, 2013. There wasn’t a single dull moment. There was grace. There was elegance. »
A short & sweet concert
By Sudha Jagannathan

It was a short-duration concert, lasting just 90 minutes. It was sweet, nevertheless. Form is temporary and class is permanent, it is often said. Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna proved this in an unambiguous way, as he gave a mesmerizing concert on January 5. »
A traditionalist’s approach
By Sudha Jagannathan

She is knowledge-wise rich. And, she is known to be a stickler to the well laid out practice. Naturally, she commands respect from a section of the audience, which views Carnatic music from a traditional prism. »
Sudha Ragunathan, a rasika’s artiste
By Sudha Jagannathan

Sudha Ragunathan the vocalist will become a Sangitha Kalanidhi on January 1, 2014. Well before the start of her evening concert (on December 22, 2013), chairs were fully occupied at Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. And, the Sabha was overflowing with die-hard Sudha fans. »
A fascinating RaGa casts a spell
By Sudha Jagannathan

Sisters Ranjani and Gayatri gave a fascinating recital at the Mecca of Carnatic Music, the Music Academy, on Christmas evening. Their music is always vibrant, and they sing each and every item of the concert - be it a tough Dikshithar kriti or the miscellaneous compositions at fag-end of the concert – with equal felicity. »
Classy and sublime
By Sudha Jagannathan

Bombay Jayashri led the listeners to a state of divine ecstasy with her sublime rendering at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha on December 21, 2013. She gave a new idiomatic expression to the raga rendering after savoring the beauty of each and every raga with great felicity. »
The winning art, Bombay Jayashri shows the way
By Sudha Jagannathan

It was a grand evening of October 12, 2013 at The Music Academy for the audience comprising business men, artistes and rasikas with a high tea to begin with. The high tea, hosted by Ms. Mallika Srinivasan (Chairman of TAFE Limited), daughter of late Indira Sivasailam, was a precursor to an award function that was followed by a classical recital. »
An inspiring recital by Prasanna Venkatraman
By Uma Karthikeyan

The final afternoon of 2012 saw an amazing vocal recital by 27-year-old Prasanna Venkatraman at Kamakoti Hall of Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. Besides following his passion for music and nurturing his talent, Prasanna, an M.Tech from IIT Chennai, is working with Qualcomm in Chennai. »
Guhan Venkataraman, a string to the future
By Uma Karthikeyan

Guhan Venkataraman, a sixteen-year-old teenager and a 12th grade student from California, gave a mesmerizing Veena recital for Krishna Gana Sabha on December 29, 2012. »
An inspirational artiste
By Sudha Jagannathan

An inspiration to young and old, Sanjay Subrahmanyan draws respect from learned critics. Giving a concert for Narada Gana Sabha on 20 Dec, he held a complete sway over the capacity audience. »
Sriranjani does a proud job
By Ve Ve Prabhu

The audience at Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium was waiting to hear the daughter of vidwan Neyveli Santhanagopalan sing. And, Sriranjani delivered it well. »