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A classical effort by Abhishek Raghuram
Abhishek Raghuram was at his classical best at Vani Mahal on December 18,2017. Right from the word go, he just immersed himself into a musical journey and stayed focused like a blinkered-horse. The surroundings did not matter to him. And, he was oblivious to the audience in front. It was a concert that marked for high involvement, and saw a lively engagement among artistes on show. A thoroughly enjoyable experience indeed!

Abhishek Raghuram sent the audience into a trance when he got into the RTP (Ragam, Talam and Pallavi) in raga Kannada. He went into a ragamalika tanam singing into a half dozen ragas such as Hamir Kalyani, Hamsanandi, Jonpuri etc. He brought his `acrobatic tactics' into full swing with his musical knowledge. It was quite a mind game, and one could only appreciate the musical prowess as the change was brief and swift. He took a G.N.Balasubramaniam’s composition for the pallavi as “Sadapalaya Sarasakshi Samana Rahithe Mohanangi”( Adi talam). Orginally it is composed in raga Mohanam. It was a remarkable rendering with change in different ragas and the swaras seemed to have a magical touch in Abhishek ’s singing. The creative music had occupied quite a substantial time during the concert. Earlier, he sang a Begada varnam “Inta chaalamu Jesi” of Vina Kuppaiyer and “Chandram Baja Manasa”, a vara kriti of Dikshitar, in Saveri as it was Monday and Indu vasara which is related to moon. Abhishek was traditional in rendering even as his singing was scintillating. His concert was remarkable for the maturity with which he handled it. He sang “Ninnu Jeppa”(Mandari) of Patnam Subramani Iyer. “Karu baru seyyuvaru”, a rarely heard piece, and “Allaka lalla ladaga”(Madhyamavathi) were impacting. He sang a Swathi Tirunal kriti in raga Saindhavi “Itu Saahasamula” and brought the curtain down with a thillana in Darbari Kanada.

H.N. Bhaskar on the violin gave a good support and Anantha R.Krishna played with dedicated attention. Kanjira artiste Sundara Kumar played with felicity.

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