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The Largest Tambura

Eleven feet long, this one weighs 150 kg. The world’s largest tambura was inaugurated in Bangalore by artiste Shyamala G. Bhave. This tambura is made out of a single log of a rain-tree. Art works on famous Mysore Dasara are depicted on the giant tambura. It has also pictures of Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswathi. It is full of national symbols such as peacock, lotus, banyan tree and the like. Significantly, the initial line from Saint Thyagaraja’s pancharatna ‘Endaro Mahanubhavulu…’ is etched around the tambura.

The Business of Music
How to begin the day? Each one has a different way of commencing the day. Music World, a music and home video retail chain from the RPG Group, has a unique style of starting the day. According to K. Dasaratharaman, President (Specialty Retail), Spencer’s Retail Ltd. (which owns Music World), Music World stores in Tamil Nadu plays Suprabatham before kick-starting the day’s business. `` In North, probably they (stores) begin with a bhajan,’’ he says. Depending on their locations, these stores start with region-specific auspicious music. Well, music is not just about bringing peace to the mind. It is also about bringing order to the business, it seems!

Ghatam Karthic’s first love
He does not mince words. And, he is blunt to the extent of misunderstood. While going home after providing percussion support to Bombay Jayashri for her concert at Mylapore Fine Arts during December 2007, a veteran journalist stopped Ghatam Karthic and praised him for his good performance. When asked by this journalist if he could also sing, the Ghatam artiste replied in the affirmative. "Why can’t you then give a vocal performance?’’ the journalist queried. To this, Karthic replied, "I am like MGR (late M.G. Ramachandaran, film star-turned politician).’’ He never acted in a sad role. I will also do what I know best (playing Ghatam).’’ Well, that is Karthic for you. The man who is in extra-ordinary love with Ghatam!

Yesudas, a darling of fans
Play-back singing in films got him name and fame. He, however, loves to make a mark in traditional music. K.J. Yesudas is, in fact, instrumental in drawing lay persons to Carnatic music concerts. Many of his fans (of cinema songs) make it a point to attend his Carnatic music concerts. His show for Parthasarathy Sabha during 2007-08 Marghazi season attracted capacity audience. This time around, Yesudas was all pumped up. The rasikas enjoyed every bit of his music and the `in-between’ witty remarks. The concert went up to close to 200 minutes. Fans often got up to ask the veteran singer to sing their favourite numbers. Ever a darling of fans, Yesudas obliged most of them. And, the fans returned home immensely pleased.

Sudha Raghunathan springs a surprise
Etiquette. Often rasikas treat this one word with distain. Not a single concert these days goes without somebody or the other among the audience getting up and going out during "thani’’ (when percussionists show their wares during a concert). Vocalist Sudha Raghunathan sprang a surprise on these `recalcitrant’ fans at Brahma Gana Sabha during her concert in December 2007. Just before the commencement of the `thani’, the senior artiste requested the audience to stay put for some more minutes for the `thani’ to get over. None in the audience went out during this phase. And, Sudha was quick to thank the rasikas for respecting her sentiment. Well, if only the fans followed some etiquette...
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