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Sharing musical notes
Knowledge sharing is essential for growth. This student of Carnatic vocalist late Maharajapuram Santhanam is prodding musicians to get together frequently to share ideas among themselves. This sort of an informal gathering could be a platform to display their `new discoveries' among fellow musicians. Also, it could be an ideal place to exchange notes with each other. Thanks to the large heartedness of a music buff, vocalist Dr. Ganesh has managed to get a permanent place for musicians to congregate and share their thoughts.

Gifted fan
Half-time in Carnatic music concert is very rare. Of late, however, concert organizers of professional kind have started introducing `in-between' break in their programmes. We did see scheduled half-times in The Hindu Friday Review November Fest concerts. The ongoing music season, too, has seen `breaks'. Nay, they are stoppages indeed. These are `announced ones'. Some `breaks' are welcome as this one at Brahma Gana Sabha, even as vocalist Sanjay Subrahmanyan dips deep into his singing. All of a sudden, somebody appears on stage and makes a surprise announcement that a leading jeweler in Chennai has decided to give a gift to a rasika in the audience. As excitement grows in the audience, an arch light zeroes in on the `gifted fan'. Well, the `lucky fellow' gets the prize from Sanjay himself.

Breaking rules
This one is an irritable break. Even as the audience is held captive by vocalist Bombay Jayashri with her riveting concert, a male voice interrupts and surprises the audience. The `intruder’ asks the car owners in the audience to clear their vehicles parked on the road in front of the Mylapore Fine Arts Club to clear the way for a VIP convoy to pass through. A brief commotion follows inside the concert hall, as the `culprits’ hurry out to secure their cars. Well, there hangs a tale or two about the infrastructure in Chennai sabhas.

A special fan
Huge audience excites artistes. More the number, they get merrier. But this one is a special rasika for Chitravina Ravikiran. And, the presence of this `special fan’ perks up his mood. As Ravikiran is readying to play the Ritigowla piece ``Enna Punniyam’’ of his favourite composer Oothukadu Vekata Kavi, senior vocalist T.N. Seshagopalan walks into Sri Parthsarathy Swami Sabha to occupy a seat in the front row. Ravikiran is indeed a blessed artiste. An intense listener, Seshagopalan sits through almost till the end of the concert. Well, Ravikiran is pleased. And, so is the audience with his Chitravina recital.

A candid musician
He has this uncanny ability to disarm critics. Even as the audience is settling down at Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha, popular vocal singer K.J. Yesudas clears the air about his lap-top. Why keep a lop-top in front as he sings? ``This is my weakness,'' he admits. Why does he keep it then? Well, he doesn't want to get the lyrics wrong. After all, he has strayed into so many fields. Yesudas wants to doubly ensure that he delivers right words. A perfectionist-singer, indeed.
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