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Discovery of Svanubhava
What is in a name? Well, it identifies the face behind the name. Always bubbly, vocalist T.M. Krishna revealed the face that gave the name for this musical event. As the Rudrapatnam family led by the 90-year-old Shri. R.K. Shrikantan ended its concert on the opening day of the second edition of Svanubhava, a musical event for the students of Carnatic music, Krishna revealed the person who gave the event the name Svanubhava. It is violinist Shri R.K. Shriramkumar.

Blessed by Kalki
This one has a huge name, reputation and tradition. When it does something, it adds value and recognition to the subject matter. Tamil weekly magazine Kalki has come out with a booklet on Svanubhava 2009, giving details of the six-day programme. It has made it a nice reading material for students especially by giving brief sketches of the participating artistes. And, it has added spice to the booklet by inserting some interesting tid-bits sourced from its own archives. Kalki is indeed a torch-bearer of tradion.

'Augustil December' event
We have heard of ‘Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru’, a musical show organised by Lakshman Sruthi Musicals in association with Raj TV, Kalalaya, USA, Nataka Academy and Rotary Club of Madras Mount. Kalki editor Seetha Ravi spotted a similar trend in Svanubhava and commented about it in a signed preface for Svanubhava 2009 booklet brought out by the Tamil magazine. The Kalki editor called upon the organisers to make Svanubhava ` an Augustil December event!' (A December event in August). She also complimented all the participating aristes.

The India story
It was a pleasant congreation. As attentive boys and girls in traditional south Indian dress sat through the morning session of the first day of Svanubhava II, one could spot some foreign students amidst the audience. They too were dressed in saris! If music has no borders, it was all evident at Kalakshetra. The strong Indian cultural pull was also in display!

A Rare Honour
This happens very rarely. It, however, comes as no surprise. Many summers ago, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha honoured the violin maestro Lalgudi Shri G. Jayaraman with the title Sangeetha Choodamani. Years later, his violinist-son Shri G.J.R. Krishnan, too, was awarded this title. The Sabha conferred on his violinist-daughter Smt. Vijayalakshmi the same title when it kick-started the annual Gokulashtami Sangeetha Utsavam on August 1, 2009. Not often one comes across this kind of a rare occurance, where three artistes from the same family is conferred the same title by the same sabha.
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