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VIEWS - Archive 2010
Selling 'Season December' By K.T. Jagannathan
December has come. As the clouds dart all around the sky, plenty of thoughts cross the mind of a music lover. Will I make it to the venue in time. Or, will the rains cut short my evening plan? »
Kaveri, Saint Thyagaraja’s muse By Dr. Ramakrishna Easwaran
The rivers of India are considered holy because they have not only provided physical sustenance or fostered culture but have nurtured spirituality. The evidence for such inner nourishment is seen in the outpourings of bhakti from the innumerable composers who have lived on their banks. »
When Karambithlu is bursting with vitality By Chinmayee
There is this niggling worry in the minds of many. Are our traditional values reaching the younger generation at all? This question props up often in any discussion forum. For any one who was a witness to the recent event at Karambithlu in the village Nidle, this worry is unfounded. »
Sri Shyama Shastry's swarajathi - a primer on Bhairavi By Vidya Subramanian
This article attempts to study Sri Shyama Shastry's masterpiece swarajathi beginning with the lyrics, "Kamakshi anudinamu.". This composition is set to Misra chapu thalam and has a sedate kala pramanam or tempo. »
Remembering veena Chittibabu By Durga Krishnan
I was at the Music Academy this morning (December 30, 2008) as they have dedicated this day to the memory of the veena maestro late Chittibabu. »
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